Tuesday, December 22, 2009

command solaris basic

apropos [keyword] :locate commands in online reference manual by keyword
as -P [filename] :Assembly language compiler
cat [filename] :concatenate and display (similar to 'type in MS-DOS) files
cc [filename] :SUN C compiler
CC [filename] :SUN C++ compiler
cd [pathname] :change working directory (as in MS-DOS)
chgrp [group] [file] :change the group ownership of a file

 chmod [mode] [file] :change permission mode of a file or directory
clear :clears the screen
cp [source] [destination] :copy files (use * as wildcard) from source to destination
date :display the system date
du -k :display your disk usage per directory or file
emacs [filename] :GNU's emacs editor
find [filename] :find files or directories by name or partial matches
finger [username] :display information about a user
ftp :send files to/receive files from remote sites
g++ [filename] :GNU's C++ compiler
gcc [filename] :GNU's C compiler
grep [string] [file] :searches file for matching string
h :display recently entered commands
kill [process #] :send a terminate signal to process
logout :logout from the system
lpq :display the queue of printer jobs
lpr [filename] :send a job to the printer
lprm [job #] :cancel a print job on the printer queue
ls :list the contents of a directory (similar to dir in MS-DOS)
lynx :text based web browser
man [command name] :access to help on commands
mkdir [dir name] :create a directory (similar to mkdir in MS-DOS)
more [filename] :displays a file one screen length at a time
mv [source] [destination] :move or rename files from source to destination
passwd [username] :change your password
pc [filename] :Pascal compiler
pico :text editor
pine :menu driven mail program
ps :display the status of current processes
quota -v [username] :display allocated disk quota to user
rlogin [machine name] :remote login from one system to another
rm [file] :remove files (similar to delete in MS-DOS)
rmdir :remove directories (similar to rmdir in MS-DOS)
script :make typescript of a file name
talk [username] :talk to another user
telnet :interface to a remote system using telnet protocol
uncompress :uncompress compressed file (usually with .Z extension)
unzip :uncompress compressed file (usually with .zip extension)
users :display a list of users currently logged in
vi [filename] :visual display editor
w :display information about logged on users
whoami :display effective current user name

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