Tuesday, December 15, 2009


data warehousing
http://www.axiomsl.com/» Axiom Software Laboratories, Inc. - Provider of technology for enterprise and e-finance data management infrastructure as a platform for decision support applications.

http://www.dag.com/» Data Advantage Group, Inc. - DAG specializes in software development, platform unification, and systems integration for decision support solutions (DSS).

http://www.1keydata.com/datawarehousing/datawarehouse.html» Data Warehouse Process - Chuo-Han Lee provides a high level overview of the steps involved with a data warehousing project.

http://www.daniel-lemire.com/OLAP/index.html » Data Warehousing and OLAP Research Bibliography - List of links to online research papers on data warehousing and OLAP.

http://www.dwinfocenter.org/ » Data Warehousing Information Center - Provides information on techniques to design, build, maintain, and retrieve information from a data warehouse.

http://www.tdwi.org/» The Data Warehousing Institute - Focuses on the deployment of data warehousing strategies and technologies. Site provides links to case studies, expert advice, vendor directories, publications, white papers and data warehousing events.

http://www.dmreview.com/» DM Review Magazine - Monthly issues and solutions publication that focuses on data warehousing and business intelligence for the enterprise.

http://www.eti.com/ » Evolutionary Technologies International, Inc. - ETI provides software solutions for automating data integration management, which includes implementing applications, building IT infrastructures, and developing data warehouses.

http://www.fondantsystems.com/» Fondant Systems - Data warehouse consulting services and tools including ModelHouse and ModelMart.

http://www.infobright.com/» Infobright - Open source column-oriented DBMS based on MySQL.

http://www.informationbuilders.com/ » Information Builders - Integrated reporting and data access software solutions that provide access to databases in Internet, intranet, or client/server environments by meshing diverse Web, ERP, and legacy applications.

http://www.kalido.com/» Kalido - Specializes in active information management software including DIW, a tool to create and maintain data warehouses and marts, and MDM, web-based master data management.

http://www.sas.com/» SAS Institute - Integrated suite of information delivery software for business decision making including balanced scorecard, data warehousing, data mining, financial consolidation, knowledge management and Web enablement.

source : http://www.amikom.info/dir/index.php/Computers/Software/Databases/Data_Warehousing/

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