Monday, October 18, 2010

Install notepad++ in ubuntu

hi..I want install notepad++ in my ubuntu,i use ubuntu 10.04.But,i have a problem during install notepad++

After searching in google,i found the solution..
go to directory where you store file..
cd /home/dendy/Download/npp.5.8.2.Installer.exe
i use command for change file permission
root@dendy-laptop:/home/dendy/Downloads# chmod u+x npp.5.8.2.Installer.exe
root@dendy-laptop:/home/dendy/Downloads# ls -l npp.5.8.2.Installer.exe
-rwx----wx 1 dendy dendy 4095096 2010-10-11 04:44 npp.5.8.2.Installer.exe

after that
back to directory
Select and Right click npp.5.8.2.Installer.exe 
congratulations to install...

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